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Getting Started

Learn How to Leverage Your iPads, Phones, and More

Posted by Jared Tohlen on Jun 24, 2014.

Mobile devices are, quite possibly, one of the best methods for having your customer interact with your brand. With a device in hand, your sales force can show product, literature, and comprehensive information, all while staying fluid and on the go. Creating content for mobile can be a daunting challenge. Unlike the print medium, interactive content can accomplish a lot more than just words on paper. When designing for mobile, it is easy to fall into a few bad patterns that will have your app turning into "just another brochure". Keep these items in mind when deciding on your mobile mar..


10 Down And Dirty Tips For A Trade Show Newbie

Posted by Jared Tohlen on Jun 12, 2014.

#1- A trade show isn’t a vacation from work.  Nor is it a death sentence (though your feet may say something different.)  But they can be a fun way to get out and actually talk to your customers- find out their wants, needs, and the current perception of your brand.  Plus, you will probably lose a few pounds in the process- a bonus for many of us.     #2- Be nice to the guys on forklifts.  The can solve most problems or create headaches.  The Golden Rule applies x 10 with these guys.  And remember they didn’t write the hall rules, contact show mana..


Unplugging Gamification

Posted by Eric Benner on Jul 08, 2014.

From Angry Birds to Call of Duty; from the console beneath your TV to the phone in your pocket; our fast-paced, high-tech world is flooded with hundreds of thousands of wonderful, captivating games. More and more often, we see responsible trade show and event managers utilize the benefits that games hold in their works, and justly so as their are few other mediums that can grasp and hold the attention of an individual as well as gaming. I feel, however,that in this digital flood of media there is an under-appreciated aspect to gamification that has yet to be fully put to use. Though digit..


About Us

Encore Exhibits specializes in the design, manufacturing and installation of trade show exhibits, themed environments, retail environments, and branded displays. Our team has decades of experience in integrating display technologies, interactive, motion graphics, and large-format graphics with structural elements, lighting and material design to create environments that engage the senses and help our clients stand out from the crowd.

Our success is determined directly by the high quality trade show exhibits and signs provided with the best service available to our customers. When you purchase from Encore Exhibits, know that you are getting a premium product personally suited for your needs with a service staff on-call for your convienence. We proudly guarantee 100% satisfaction with every exhibit display we offer with premium or custom solutions to fit your tradeshow or event needs.


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Am I billed on checkout?
No. We will not bill you until we have reviewed your order and proofed all graphics. You will receive your payment details separate from your quote checkout.

What are my design options?
Encore Exhibits offers multiple options for graphics creation and delivery. Our large format experts will proof every file before printing to ensure you have a high quality exhibit every time!

How do I send files and designs?
Once your quote has been submitted and processed, you will receive a link our Upload Center where you can upload any files that may be required for your exhibit. Please let us know when an upload is complete so we can get started as soon as possible.
In order to achieve the best quality, we ask that you supply a vector logo, keep files layered, and create outlines from fonts. Feel free to contact us with any questions.

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Tips for New Trade Show Exhibitors
Being a new exhibitor can be scary and a bit overwhelming in the beginning and leave you scratching your head and wondering where to start. We have a few tips from start to finish to share with you.
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10 Down And Dirty Tips For A Trade Show Newbie
Trade shows can intimidate anyone new to exhibit marketing. The best course is to just dive right in. The following tips- from the shallow end of the pool- will get you started. When it’s time to venture to the deep end, surely I’ll have come up with the next 20 tips to follow.
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